Personal Parking

United Kingdom

Admissions - Ticket Checking

These roles should not be confused with security staff and the necessity to have SIA accredited personnel.

This personnel requirement has been in existence commercially since the late 1960s but significantly active since the early 1970s under their new title and role. Prior to this titles such as Gateman and Gate Keepers were used (e.g. Turnstile Control) and regrettably abuse was widespread.

'Their role is to physically check that all patrons entering the venue have a legitimate valid entry ticket'

These staff will check individual tickets which can be torn, scanned or punched where required (NB pass-out system). This ensures the client has maximum revenues. Additionally these staff are responsible for the pass-out system which is another area of control where revenue can be depleted.

Within our ticket stock the various customised types ensure that this is all achievable both for entrance and re-entry.

This service includes:

  • Fully uniformed personnel; blazers or high-vis coats
  • Provision of wristbands/tickets/pass-out stamps/counters
  • Audit control

  • Vehicle and pedestrian entrance control
  • Cash in transit overview

Whilst security is not one of our primary service provisions we do retain a small number of SIA qualified personnel who can be bolted on to operation as required.