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Admissions Control

Ticket Sales and Cash Handling

These services are designed to ensure that the client is assured that systems being used will give them peace of mind.

Our professional approach to this subject is that ‘monies collected by us on your behalf whether in a voucher format or cash is solely our responsibility’. Any discrepancies must be fully accounted for.

Additionally we always keep in mind, where there is money there is temptation. Our vetting and staff deployment system lend themselves favourably to protect all concerned. Handling large customer accounts, often in excess of one million pounds, requires that we implement effective financial controls. This we have done to good effect, for example with an existing client we handled over one million pounds in a four day period, achieving full accountability.

This service includes:

  • Selling of tickets, programs, catalogues, race cards
  • Managing voucher schemes
  • Daily audit with periodical attendance figures
  • Gate audit teams
  • Ticket and wrist band provision from bonded suppliers
  • Provision of PDQ (credit/debit card) terminals (static and mobile)
  • Temporary secure audit/administration offices
  • Temporary sales booths (for exclusive use or to supplement existing stock)
  • Comprehensive insurance cash-in-transit
  • Cash in transit facilities plus floats

Box Office Services

We work with our clients' advance ticket and on-line ticket retailers. These can be combined with our other service provisions:

  • Staff accreditation
  • Ticket collection points
  • VIP/guest list access

Ticket Checking

Find out more about ticket checking.

Advance Ticket Sales

This service is still under review.